Episode 1

Published on:

4th May 2021

Congo_The Butcher Part 1

How did King Leopold end up with over 2 million square kilometres of African land? Who did he use to acquire these lands? Listen and find out!

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Audio recording and sound design: Simon Mathinji.

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About the Podcast

Relearn Our History
A podcast that will help you relearn the history of Eastern & Central Africa. We hope this will help you deconstruct and build on the sometimes inaccurate, mostly light-touch history we all have picked up about the region and the communities found here. From events that shaped our history to people that had a different vision for their communities, we will cover it all.

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Naomi Wagura

I was born and raised in Kenya. I am true believer in the communities, culture, art and general loveliness that is this region. I believe that if we understand our past, we can chart a way forward that is equitable and uniquely ours.